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A&S graduate students are invited to submit accomplishments for posting to the Portfolio web pages. We ask that you send accomplishments received outside of William & Mary, the exception being nationally competitive awards affiliated with William & Mary (e.g., publication in the William & Mary Quarterly), prestigious College-wide awards (e.g., Thatcher Prize for Excellence), or other content your department would like displayed.

If you are submitting content for a person that is not yourself, please check that you have permission from that person to submit on their behalf.

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You can submit content easily by accessing the web form (requires WMuserid and password). Please note that this will not update the portfolio automatically and will involve some administrative lag time. If you have several submissions, you may find it easier to do a bulk submission as described below.

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You can submit your accomplishment by e-mailing the graduate portfolio editor at Please include the category, description/citation, date received, full name, degree pursued/received, and program. If you have several submissions, please use the directions for a bulk submission.

Bulk Submission

You can submit a spreadsheet (example below) to the graduate portfolio editor at that includes columns for category, description/citation, date received, name, degree pursued/received, program, and comments. The comments column should be used for specific information regarding the accomplishment or department. For instance, if the accomplishment includes several people from the department, their information can be listed in the comments column. If your program has a different name than your department, you can indicate that in the comments column.

Example spreadsheet submission: Bulk Submission Spreadsheet Download

Categories and Format

You may use any style accepted in your discipline for the Publications and Conference Presentations. Please provide complete citations, including up to three co-authors (with "et al." indicating co-authors greater than three). See example descriptions/citations below.

Alumni Employment

  • Senior Consultant, IBM Global Business Services
  • PhD program in Chemistry at the University of Virginia
  • Assistant Professor, University at Arkansas-Little Rock, Computer Science


  • Ewell Award, The College of William and Mary

Conference Presentation

  • "Exploring Lost without Lost," Presented at the Society for Film and Television.

Community Service/Outreach

  • Chemistry Magic Show, College of William and Mary
  • Graduate Student Representative, Board of Directors, Historical Society for Women

Extramural Training

  • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, Cold Spring Harbor, NY. Course(s): "Advanced Techniques in Molecular Neuroscience"


  • Virginia Space Grace Consortium Graduate Fellowship
  • Frances Lewis Fellowship in Women's and Gender History, The Virginia Historical Society


  • Research Intern, HP Labs, Beijing China
  • Mozilla Engineering Research Team, Mountain View, CA


  • G. Smith and K. Jones. "Lost without Lost," The Journal of Popular Film and Television, 12(3): 50-60.

Research Grant

  • The Explorers Club Washington Group’s Exploration and Field Research Grants

Travel Grant

  • Travel Award, SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing