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Research Intern, Optimal Solutions Group, College Park, MD. May-August 2015. Menuka Ban, MPP, Public Policy.

Statistics Intern, The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok, Thailand. June-August 2014. Menuka Ban, MPP, Public Policy.

Healthcare Management System Society (HIMSS), Arlington, VA. Summer 2010. Mark Adelsberg, MA, Public Policy.

Lockheed Martin, Bethesda, MD. Summer 2010. Eric Aldrich, MA, Public Policy.

Government Accountability Office (GAO): Edcuation, Workforce, & Income Security, Washinton, D.C. Summer 2010. Melissa Baker, MA, Public Policy.

City Manager's Office, Williamsburg, VA. Summer 2010. Katie Ballard, Ma, Public Policy.

University of Pennsylvania Foreign Policy Research Insitute, Philadelphia, PA. Summer 2010. MA, Oleg Firsin, Public Policy.

Illinois Wind Energy Association, Chicago, IL. Summer 2010. Steven Hanson, MA, Public Policy.

National Center for State Courts (NCSC), Williamsburg, VA. Summer 2010. Ashley Heilprin, MA, Public Policy.

US Department of State, Washington, D.C. Summer 2010. Mackenzie Busalacchi, MA, Public Policy.

Urban Institute, Washinton, D.C. Summer 2010. Peter Kyle, MA, Public Policy.

City Attorney's Office, Virginia Beach, VA. Summer 2010. Ryan Millett, MA, Public Policy.

World Hope International, Alexandria, VA. Summer 2010. Alex Monnard, MA, Public Policy.

EconOne, Washington, D.C. Summer 2010. Meagan Nunley, MA, Public Policy.

Black Sash Regional Office, Cape Town, South Africa. Summer 2010. Zach Rice, MA, Public Policy.

Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy, Richmond, VA. Summer 2010. Darren Rippy, MA, Public Policy.

City Manager's Office, Williamsburg, VA. Summer 2010. Richelle Russell, MA, Public Policy.

Williamsburg Health Foundation, Williamsburg, VA. Summer 2010. Patrick Tucker, MA, Public Policy.

Green Jobs Alliance, Hampton, VA. Summer 2010. Hannah Vargason, MA, Public Policy.

Division of Parks & Recreation, James City County, VA. Summer 2010. Elizabeth Vestal, MA, Public Policy.

Virginia Governor's Office: Department of Policy and Community Relations, Richmond, VA. Summer 2010. Jon Yost, MA, Public Policy.

City Attorney's Office, Newport News, VA. Summer 2010. Jared Wikerson, MA, Public Policy.

Hampton Roads Partnership, Norfolk Virginia. Summer 2009. Jamie Atkinson, MA, Public Policy.

International Development Enterprise, Bakhundole, Lalitpur Kathmandu, Nepal. Summer 2009. Pankaj Bajracharya, MA, Public Policy.

Management Analyst,GAO, Washington DC. Summer 2009. Michelle Beasley, MA, Public Policy.

The Carter Center, Atlanta GA. Summer 2010. Chenggeng Bi, MA, Public Policy.

Policy Intern, Heritage Humane Society, Williamsburg VA. Summer 2009. Jennifer Boardman, MA, Public Policy.

Management Intern, City of Williamsburg, Williamsburg VA. Summer 2009. Stephanie Bush, MA, Polic Policy.

International Labor Organization, Geneva. Summer 2009. Anna Choi, MA, Public Policy.

Health Care Intern, GAO, Washington DC. Summer 2009. Kaitlin Coffey, MA, Public Policy.

Intern, Williamsburg Community Health Foundation, Williamsburg VA. Summer 2009. Jason Conway, MA, Public Policy.

Policy Research Assistant, Public Policy Virginia, Charlottesville VA. Summer 2009. Yiyun Cui, MA, Public Policy.

College of William & Mary Office of the Provost, Williamsburg VA. Summer 2009. Amy Haldeman, MA, Public Policy.

Energy and Climate Policy Intern, Environmental and Energy Study Institute, Washington DC. Summer 2009. Sarah Hanke, MA, Public Policy.

Virginia Beach Office of Economic Development, Virginia Beach VA. Summer 2009. Steve Harrison, MA, Public Policy.

Education Sector, Washington DC. Summer 2009. Tim Harwood, MA, Public Policy.

Commonwealth Institute, Richmond VA. Summer 2009. Aaron Hugeback, MA, Public Policy.

GAO, Washington DC. Summer 2009. Whitney Jennings, MA, Public Policy.

James City County, Williamsburg VA. Summer 2009. Matthew Michenfelder, MA, Public Policy.

American Society for Nutrition, Bethesda MD. Summer 2009. Danielle Peregoy, MA, Public Policy.

UNESCAP, Bangkok Thailand. Summer 2009. Shaswat Sapkota, MA, Public Policy.

Lockheed Martin. Summer 2009. Arielle Seidman, MA, Public Policy.

Economic Development Intern, City of Chesapeake Economic Development, Chesapeake VA. Summer 2009. Erin Stevenson, MA, Public Policy.

Special Programs Intern, York County Community Services, Yorktown Virginia. Summer 2009. Stephanie Vallez, MA, Public Policy.

Junior Fellow, Independent Women's Forum, Washington, D.C. Summer 2009. Sarah Walters, MA, Public Policy.

Institute for Justice, Arlington VA. Summer 2009. Erin Wilson, MA, Public Policy.


In Whose Shoes? Third-Party Standing and Arbitration Clauses in Securities Fraud Receiverships. Journal of Law, Economics & Policy. 8.1. 2011. Jared Wilkerson, MPP, Public Policy.

Alumni Employment

Tax Staff, Ernst & Young. July 2015. Serena Saffarini, MPP, Public Policy.

Policy and Training Analyst, Jameel Poverty Action Lab, Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, Santiago, Chile. 2012. Thomas Varagas Castro, MPP, Public Policy.

Management Analyst, Manpower & Force Analysis Directorate, U.S. Army Training & Doctring Command, Fort Monroe. 2010. Jamie Atkinson, MPP, Public Policy.

Ph.D Student, Cornell University. 2010. Anna Choi, MPP, Public Policy.

Law Clerk, Superior Court of the District of Columbia. 2010. Krystle Cadogan, MPP, Public Policy.

Analyst, U.S. Government Accountability Office. 2010. Katy Coffey, MPP, Public Policy.

Sustainability Fellow, Committee on Sustainability, College of William and Mary. 2010. Sarah Hanke, MPP, Public Policy.

Research Director, Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance. 2010. Steve Harrison, MPP, Public Policy.

Presidential Management Fellow, Office of Disability Adjudication & Review, Social Security Administration. 2010. Aaron Hugeback, MPP, Public Policy.

Senior Consultant, IBM Global Business Services. 2010. Whitney Jennings, MPP, Public Policy.

Research Assistant, NORC at the University of Chicago. 2010. Shaswat Sapkota, MPP, Public Policy.