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2009 - 2012

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Research Grants

Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Grant to Hungary. 2009-2010. Kristina Poznan, MA, History.

Conference Presentations

In Search of the Land of Liberty: Methodist Migration and the Politics of Slavery, 1780-1805, Religion on the Move Conference, New York, New York. April 2012. Christopher C. Jones, PhD, History.

Filling the Void: Privateers, Smugglers, and the Shaping of Empire in the Age of the Bourbon Reforms presented at NYU Atlantic History Conference, New York University. February 2012. Casey Schmitt, PhD, History.

The Worst Fights are Behind Relatives: Mormons and Methodists in the Nineteenth Century, presented at At the Crossroads, Again: Mormon and Methodist Encounters in the Nineteenth and Twenty-First Centuries, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, D.C. February 2012. Christopher Jones, PhD, History.

Sarah Thomas. "Vernacular Architecture Forum Conference 2011," Falmouth, Jamaica. May 31-June 5 2011. Sarah Thomas, MA, History.

Native Americans, Socialist Propaganda, and the Politics of the Oppressed. Presenter. Native American and Indigenous Studies Conference, Sacramento, California. May 19-21 2011. Lucie Kyrova, PhD, History.

'By Work Done For Me': Building Culture and Client Relationships in Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg, presented at"'I Know My Place': The Interaction of Urban Space and Social Hierarchies in History", Held at Oxford University, Oxford, UK. May 14 2011. Elizabeth Cook, PhD, History.

8,."A 'Parcel of Carpenters & Joyners Tools': Carpenters, Clients, and Material Culture in Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg," presented at the Virginia Forum, held in Lexington, VA. March 25-26 2011. Elizabeth Cook, PhD, History.

Pacific Trade Winds: Towards a Global History of the Manila Galleon presented at Redefining World History Conference, Northeastern University, Boston, MA. March 12-13 2011. Matthew Thomas, MA, History.

Building Culture as Competition: Demonstrating Knowledge on Construction Sites in Eighteenth-Century Virginia, presented at the Business History Conference, held in St.Louis, MO. April 1-2 2011. Elizabeth Cook, PhD, History.

The Legend of Pretty Hair: Native American Women in Appalachian Racial Memory presented at Women of Appalachia Conference, Ohio University Zanesville, Zanesville, Ohio. October 2011. Alexandra Finley, PhD, History.

Sarah Thomas, "Slavery in the 1780s Backcountry: Redwell Furnace and Pine Forge," Virginia Forum Conference, Lexington, Virginia. 2011. Sarah Thomas, MA, History.

Lu Ann Homza, Kimberly Bassett, Aaron Gregory, Meredith Howard, and Hanna Langstein. "William & Mary in the Kingdom of Navarre: Research in the Pamplona Archives." No. 4 in the Fall 2010 Town-Gown Lecture Series sponsored by the Christopher Wren Association, held in Williamsburg, VA. October 7 2010. Aaron J. Gregory, MA, Comparative History.

Lord Baltimore's 'Lesser Common-wealths': Town-Founding and the Politics of a Proprietary Colony, 1658-1689 presented at British Group in Early American History Conference, St. Anne's College, Oxford University. September 2010. Paul Musselwhite, PhD, History.

Nicaragua and the American Indian Movement: International Influences on Indian Activism in the United States presented at 31st American Indian Workshop, Prague, Czech Republic. March 2010. Lucie Kyrova, PhD, History.

Symposium Participant, Heidelberg Center for American Studies, Spring Academy. March 2010. Paul Musselwhite, PhD, History.


Christopher C. Jones, "Mormonism in the Methodist Marketplace: James Covel and the Historical Background of Doctrine and Covenants 39-40," BYU Studies Quarterly 51:1 (2012): 67-98. January 2012. Christopher C. Jones, PhD, History.

Laura M. Ansley and Renee M. Sentilles, "Theater" in Civil War America: A Social and Cultural History, eds. Maggi Morehouse and Zoe Trodd. New York: Routledge. 2012. Laura M. Ansley, PhD, History.

Christopher Jones, "The Power and Form of Godliness: Methodist Conversion Narratives and Joseph Smith's First Vision," Journal of Mormon History 37:2, 88-114. Spring 2011. Christopher Jones, PhD, History.

Christopher C. Jones and Stephen J. Fleming, "'Except among that Portion of Mankind': Early Mormon Conceptions of the Apostasy," in Miranda Wilcox and John Young, eds., Standing Apart: Mormon Historical Consciousness and the Concept of Apostasy. New York: Oxford University Press. 2014. Christopher C. Jones, PhD, History.

Gordon Barker, "The Imperfect Revolution: Anthony Burns and the Landscape of Race In Antebellum America." Kent State University Press, American Abolitionism and Antislavery. 2010. Gordon Barker, PhD, History.

Community Service/Outreach

Graduate Student Representative, Board of Directors, Mormon History Association. 2011-2013. Christopher Jones, PhD, History.