Financial Support for Students

When the committee for an A&S graduate program recommends admission of a student, it also recommends the level (if any) and kind of financial support offered to the admitted student. These recommendations are considered and become official through the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.

We suggest that you carefully weigh your projected costs and the financial package you are offered, as these will be determining factors in your overall budget for the duration of your graduate study.

Depending on your degree program, the financial package might include a tuition waiver, a teaching assistantship, or a research assistantship through a grant administered by your advisor in your program.  

In addition, supplemental funding for research and conference travel is available through the Office of Graduate Studies and Research, the A&S Graduate Student Association, and other W&M offices. External funding agencies may be a source for either full or supplemental funding. During the academic year, the A&S newsletter Did You Know That offers a current compilation of funding available.