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Government Diploma Ceremony 2018

  • The Clock Strikes
    The Clock Strikes  Chair, Professor Paul Manna initiates the procession of Government faculty members and graduating Seniors  
  • Shining Stars
    Shining Stars  Professor Marcus Holmes and Professor Jaime Settle will assume the title of Associate Professors this coming fall.  
  • Faculty Procession
    Faculty Procession  Professor Claire McKinney and Professor Caitlin Brown enjoy their first Government diploma ceremony  
  • Stairway to Heaven
    Stairway to Heaven  Faculty members climb to the portico of the Wren building and happily wait for newly graduates to cross the threshold  
  • Special Guest
    Special Guest  William & Mary '02 graduate and Board of Visitors member, Doug Bunch walks alongside Professor John McGlennon during the faculty procession  
  • Save the Best for Last
    Save the Best for Last  Professor John Lombardini and Professor Jackson Sasser wrap up the faculty procession to Wren  
  • Here We Go
    Here We Go  The first group of Seniors follow Professor Christopher Howard to the Wren building  
  • Walk the Line
    Walk the Line  Christian Chisolm adorns his service uniform as he processes in with his fellow comrades  
  • Big Day
    Big Day  A graduating Senior flashes an infectious smile during the procession  
  • Onward & Upward
    Onward & Upward  Ecstatic students anxiously wait to receive their diploma at the top step of the Wren building  
  • The Finish Line
    The Finish Line  Graduates are all smiles as they clinch onto their shiny new diplomas on the portico of the Wren  
  • All Smiles
    All Smiles  Jocelyn Amesbury celebrates this special day with her fellow Government graduates  
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Chair, Professor Paul MannaOn Sunday, May 13th at 11 o’clock, the overcast sky gave way to a bright sun radiating above the weathervane of the Wren building. Chair, Professor Paul Manna lets out a boisterous, “Good morning everyone!” to welcome family, friends, and graduates to the Government Department Diploma ceremony.

This Mother’s Day was very special as 142 graduates processed in to receive their diploma at the top step of Wren. Professor Paul Manna kindly stated, “Your sons and daughters here today have been working hard for the last four years to make you a Mother’s Day present that you will never forget—a college diploma.”

Chloe Madvig and Paul Manna with Chicago Cubs Win flagA new generation of exceptional graduates brought about a new era as the torch of announcing names was passed to Professor Marcus Holmes this year from his predecessor, Professor Clayton Clemens. Special thanks and recognition was given to fellow faculty members and administration. In addition, Professor Manna honored several individual graduates for their outstanding achievement.

Koenig-Nimmo Foreign Service Award Liam Kierans and David Park were this year’s recipients of the award, which goes to students who possess an aptitude for a career in United States Foreign Service. Recipients are selected on the basis of commitment to Foreign Service, academic excellence, leadership qualities, and interest in promoting international understanding.

McGlennon Scholarship This scholarship is named in honor of our current colleague, Professor John McGlennon and was awarded to Jacob Nelson and Hannah Gourdie. It was created to support Government majors with outstanding track records of success and plans to use awarded funds to further enhance their learning experience.Paul Manna with Government Administrators, Olivia Sorensen and Kendra Williams

Graduate, Hannah Gourdie was this year’s recipient of the Alumni Association Government Prize and the W. Warner Moss Prize. The William & Mary Alumni Association Government Prize is awarded upon recommendation from the Department, to recognize an outstanding Government major. The Warner Moss Prize goes to the student who completes the most outstanding honors thesis in Government. The award is named after W. Warner Moss, who was a member of the William & Mary Government faculty for nearly four decades and was known for the high standards and deep interest in educating students.