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American National Election Studies Advisory Board Invites Jaime Settle to Join Ranks

Associate Professor Jaime Settle has been invited to join the National Advisory Board of the American National Election Studies (ANES) for the 2020 election. Through this position, Settle will play a key role in setting the agenda for the research emanating from the ANES.

The Board of the ANES provides a vital link between the ANES and the communities of scholars which utilize the research emerging from each election survey. In her role as board member, Settle will help determine the framework for the information gathered in the ANES, the distribution of funding from the National Science Foundation for research, and in keeping the varied interests of the academic community at the forefront of discussion as the ANES is formed for 2020.

“It is an incredible honor to be asked to join.” Settle said. “The ANES is a valuable resource for both the academic community and the public, and I look forward to the opportunity to weigh in on the next iteration of the study”

On the board, Settle will join many of the leading minds in political science, in particular those from the field of political behavior. An invitation to the ANES board is a significant honor and those close to Settle know better than to underestimate her given the forceful upwards trajectory which her career has chartered thus far.

Settle’s invitation to join the board comes during an already busy year. Frenemies: How Social Media Polarizes America, previously featured, debuted this past fall to acclaim throughout the political science community. In her research, Settle examines the habits of the American public on Facebook and the psychological polarization effects which resonate within the political realm.

“Having Jaime as a mentor and role model throughout my time at William & Mary was wonderful,” said Hannah Gourdie ’18, a former SSRMC Student Director and a current student at William & Mary Law School. “She challenged me and supported me, making me into a better student and helping me find confidence in my own voice. Watching her gain recognition for her hard work is so exciting – she is dedicated to her research and to her students.”

As Settle nears completion of her first decade teaching at William & Mary, she leaves behind a remarkable number of career milestones. Within the past year, Settle received tenure and was distinguished as one of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s “Rising Stars,” by the State Council for Higher Education of Virginia.

"Jaime Settle has, without a doubt, had the biggest impact on my academic career,” said Taylor Carlson ‘14, a former student of Settle and current Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, San Diego. Carlson will start as an assistant professor at Washington University in St. Louis this fall. “Words cannot describe how much I have learned from her and I cannot express how grateful I am for her mentorship, patience, and friendship. If I can become half the scholar, mentor, and teacher that she is, I will consider that a success."

Settle frequently comments on the excitement for learning which she treasures at William & Mary. Her humility may prevent her from realizing that this excitement is only made possible through her intentional, stringent, and, quite frankly, loving guidance. Settle’s invitation to join the board of the ANES is deserved and is the harbinger of career milestones still to come.