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Department Statement of Solidarity with Asian and Pacific Islander Americans

The recent murders in Atlanta, including of six women of Asian descent, in the midst of escalating anti-Asian violence in the United States compel the Government Department at William & Mary to affirm our solidarity with the Asian and Pacific Islander American community. We recognize this violence to be part of white patriarchal supremacy and the deep-rooted structures of anti-Asian racism and misogyny in American cultures. Since the 19th century, the dehumanization of people of Asian descent has structured U.S. citizenship and notions of Americanness. The continued circulation of Asian stereotypes, heightened during the coronavirus pandemic, perpetuates this sad legacy of violent exclusion. Anti-Asian discrimination and violence, including verbal harassment and physical assault, are on the rise across the United States. The recent events are one example of that violence, and we are also outraged at all forms of oppression directed at members of APIA communities. 

The Government Department affirms members of the APIA community as a valued part of our community. We extend our heartfelt sympathy for the loss of these lives and for the continued violence endured by these communities. We pledge to take action against hate and discrimination against members of the APIA community; to continue our efforts at improving diversity, equity, and inclusion; and to confront Asian stereotypes and our own biases that hinder our efforts at creating belonging and support. 

Statement of Support by President Rowe and Provost Agouris
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Program Solidarity Statement