Russian and Post-Soviet Studies Honors Research


2012 Jacob Lassin.From the Trenches of Stalingrad to the Digital Front: The Myth and Memory of WWII in the Soviet Union and the New Russia

2011 Maria Moy.  The Leningrad Symphony: A Screenplay
2010 Sarah Argodale. Identity and Memory in the Tatarstan Republic

2009.  Vadim Shneyder. Honors Thesis: "Telling the People's Truth: Soviet Fairy Tale Film and the Construction of a National Bolshevik Film Genre."

2007 Mary Catherine French Construction and Tradition: The Making of ‘First Wave’ Russian Emigre Identity

2007.  Erin Alpert. Honors Thesis: "Reinventing Soviet Visual Memory: A Case Study of Marina Goldovskaia's Documentary Solovki Power."

2005.  Joseph Kiser. Honors Thesis: "Commodifying Identities: Representations of Intelligentsia in Post-Soviet Crime Fiction."