William & Mary

Latin American Studies welcomes: Prof Monika Gosin

Professor Gosin received a M.A. in Sociology from Arizona State University and a Ph.D. in Ethinic Studies from the University of California, San Diego. After holding a postdoctoral position in the Program in Latino Studies in Global South at Duke University, Professor Gosin joined the faculty in the Sociology Department of William and Mary Fall 2012. The courses she teaches include Immigration, Assimilation, and Ethnicity, Comparative Race Relations, Media and Society, Blacks in American Society. Her research interests include Afro Cuban and other Afro Latino immigration experiences in the U.S.; African American and Latino relations, and immigrant incorporation into U.S. society. Her current research, focusing on Afro Cuban immigrants in the U.S. highlights how U.S. and Latin American racial ideologies influence their everyday lives. She enjoys teaching and learning from her students how newer generations interpret U.S. and international racial/ethnic politics.