Courses in Latin American Studies

Please note that any courses not cited as cross-listed with LAS are already in our catalogue and will already count for LAS credit. If you have any questions, please feel free to make an appointment to talk with Professor John Riofrio "Rio" [[jdriofrio]] about your schedule.

Latin Ameican Studies Courses for Spring 2019

LAS 132-01 (27192), Modern Latin American History, Konefal, M/W 2-3:20, Blair 205

LAS 290-01 (27229), Intro to Hispanic Studies, Tandeciarz, M 2-3:20, Morton 220, W 2-3:20, Tucker 221 (in Spanish)

LAS 290-02 (27285), Intro to Hispanic Studies, Serna, M 2-3:20, Morton 220, W 2-3:20, Morton 341 (in Spanish)

LAS 290-03 (27286), Marginalized Communities, Transformative Education, Bickham-Mendez and Riofrio, TR 9:30-10:50, Morton 303 [includes one lab hour at James Blair Middle School at one of the following times: W 11-11:50, 12-12:50, or 3-3:50]

LAS 290-05 (27351), Caribbean Language and Identity, Osiapem, TR 12:30-1:50, Morton 2

LAS 290-06 (27390), Elementary Portuguese Level II, da Silva Campos, MTWR 3:30-4:20, Blair 219

LAS 290-07 (27435), Brazilian Music Ensemble, Iyanaga, R 7-9:20pm, Ewell 151

LAS 301 (27798), Border Studies Immersion, Carrion and Gosin-Wisniewski, TBA
Border Studies in the US-Mexican Borderlands This one-credit course enables students to expand their understandings of Immigration, Border Studies, and citizenship/human rights through an immersion experience on the U.S.-Mexico border over Winter Break. In collaboration with BorderLinks, our institutional host on the border, students will investigate immigration issues from a variety of different perspectives. Students will take detailed field notes of their experience and engage in daily reflections with faculty to process what they see and learn. Pre-trip meetings and readings will prepare students for the immersion experience.***Participants in this course will have filled out the application by the October 22nd deadline and will have been informed of their selection.**

LAS 390-01 (27176), Politics of Developing Countries, Brown, TR 9:30-10:50, Morton 342

LAS 390-05 (14253), Politics of Developing Countries, Mullen, MW 3:30-4:50, Tyler 123

LAS 390-02 (27344), Immigration, Assimilation and Ethnicity, Gosin-Wisniewski ,TR 12:30-1:50, Morton 201

LAS 390-03 (27439), International Political Economy, Tun-Jen Cheng, TR 9:30-10:50, Morton 38

LAS 390-04 (27440), International Political Economy, Tun-Jen Cheng, TR 11-12:20, Morton 38

LAS 390-05 (27441), International Political Economy, Arias, MW 2-3:20, Blow 334

LAS 390-06 (27442), International Political Economy, Arias, MW 3:30-4:50, Blow 334

LAS 390-07 (27443), Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean, Blouet, MWF 10-10:50, Tyler 133

LAS 390-08 (27645), Sex and Race in Plays and Films, Tanglao-Aguas, MW 1-2:50, Andrews 101

LAS 390-09 (27647), Labor Markets and Entrepreneurship, Seyoum, TR 11-12:20, Wren 2

LAS 390-10 (27650), Race, Gender, and Popular Culture in Brazil, Fisher, TR 9:30-10:50, Washington 301

LAS 390-11 (27651), Native Cultures of Latin America, Shapero, MWF 1-1:50, Washington 301

LAS 390-12 (27765), Fashioning the Nation, Root, TR 9:30-10:50, Tyler 113

LAS 390-13 (27153), Music, Myth, and Possession, Iyanaga, TR 5-6:20pm, Washington 307

LAS 390-14 (25631), US Interventions in Latin American, Turits, TR 9:30-10:50, Blair 221

LAS 390-15 (27766), Medical Interpretation, Carrion, TR 8-9:20am, Washington 219

LAS 390-16 (27767), Issues in Mexican Culture, Cantarello, MWF 12-12:50, Washington 301

LAS 390-17 (27768), El español de los EEUU, Varra, MWF 11-11:50, Washington 219

LAS 400 (24050), Immersion Experience in LAS, Riofrio

LAS 450-02 (27288), Money, Value, and Empire, Terukina, MW 3:30-4:50, Washington 306

LAS 450-03 (27346), Race in the Caribbean and the Americas, Turits, TR 2-3:20, Blair 221

LAS 480-01 (27732), Internship at the National Security Archives, Tandeciarz

Other courses that have previously counted for LAS but are not cross-listed:

ECON 475 International Trade Theory

ECON 483 Development Economics

ECON 484 Senior Seminar: Economics of Growth

GOVT 150 Politics and Policy of Int’l Development

HIST 100 Atlantic Empires and Globalization (COLL 100; 1st yrs only)

HIST 150 Pirates of the Atlantic World (COLL 150; 1st yrs. only)

The following are courses by Department that, in the past and dependent on actual course content, have been cross-listed with LAS (and/or LAS Credit):
American Studies

AMST 470 Senior Seminar, Blatinx: Black Ident in Latin America

Art History

ARTH 396 Art of the Andes


ECON 475 International Trade Theory

ECON 483 Development Economics

ECON 484 Senior Seminar: Economics of Growth


GOVT 150 Politics and Policy of Int’l Devt

GOVT 312 Politics of Developing Countries

GOVT 328 International Political Economy

GOVT 384 Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean

Hispanic Studies

HISP 207, Cross-Cultural Perspectives

HISP 281, Intro to Hispanic Studies

HISP 290, Politics of Food

HISP 320, Topics in Hispanic Cinema

HISP 417, Senior Seminar: Hispanic Cinema

HISP 489, Senior Seminar: Value, Money & Empire


HIST 100, Atlantic Empires and Globalization

HIST 150, Pirates of the Atlantic World

HIST 132, Modern Latin America

HIST 311, Terror, Rights, Memory in Latin Americ

  *** For registration: please check the college schedules against these courses because room designations and times may be subject to change.