Laurie  Koloski

Office: Blair 332
Email: [[lskolo]]
Regional Areas of Research: Modern Europe and Poland
Thematic Areas of Research: Comparative and Transnational, Cultural/Intellectual, Historiography and Historical Memory, Material Culture, Nationalism and National Identity


Laurie Koloski received her Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1998. Her teaching interests include modern Europe, communism and stalinism, historiography, and Polish-Jewish relations. She specializes in modern eastern Europe, with a particular focus on the social and cultural history of post-1945 Poland. Her monograph, Seeing Beyond the State: Continuity and Culture in Early Postwar Poland, is forthcoming from the University of North Carolina Press. It explores cultural production in early postwar Poland, tracing individuals’ abilities to “see beyond the state” and forge their own cultural, social, and even political paths in spite of state officials’ efforts to push them toward narrow and even oppressive “socialist” identities and practices.