Faculty Directory

Benes, Kveta
Office: Blair 302
Email: [[kebene]]
Regional Areas of Research: Modern Europe and Germany
Thematic Areas of Research: Cultural/Intellectual, Nationalism and National Identity, Religion, Science and Medicine

Campbell, Bruce
Office: Washington Hall 237
Phone: (757) 221-1247
Email: [[bbcamp]]


Koloski, Laurie
Office: Blair 332
Email: [[lskolo]]
Regional Areas of Research: Modern east central Europe and Poland
Thematic Areas of Research: Comparative and Transnational, Cultural/Intellectual, Historiography and Historical Memory, Material Culture, Nationalism and National Identity


Leventhal, Robert
Office: Washington Hall 315 B
Phone: (757) 221-7412
Email: [[rsleve]]
Website: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/rsleve}}


Levitan, Kathrin
Office: Blair 308
Email: [[khlevi]]
Regional Areas of Research: Modern Europe and Britain
Thematic Areas of Research: British Empire, Cultural/Intellectual, Imperialism and Colonialism, Nationalism and National Identity, Race and Ethnicity, Social and Labor, Women, Gender, and Sexuality


Pacini, Giulia
Office: Washington Hall 230
Phone: (757) 221-7714
Email: [[gxpaci]]
Website: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/gxpaci}}