Courses and Honors

Descriptions of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Courses

With the exception of the core course, special topics courses, the senior seminar, and senior honors (listed below), courses for an AMES concentration are selected from those available in the curricula of the various departments and schools.

AMES 200. Transfer Elective Credit

AMES 250. Critical Issues in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
 Fall (3) Staff
This core course employs interdisciplinary approaches to critically examine selected intellectual and cultural themes in a broadly conceived “Asia,” including East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific.  Team taught.  Themes may vary from year to year but will focus on issues relevant to the Asian experience: Orientalism, Postcolonialism, etc.

AMES 300. Transfer Elective Credit

AMES 351. Short Course in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Fall or Spring (1) Staff
Selected topics in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies are offered occasionally. The topic to be considered will be announced prior to the beginning of the semester. These courses may be repeated for credit.

AMES 493. Senior Research in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Spring (3) Staff
A research and discussion forum based around themes relevant to AMES area studies, in which students present and comment on their own and each other’s original research papers. Students will revise papers for presentation at the AMES Senior Research Colloquium held each spring.  The class will read representative scholarship from multiple regions. Instructor provides overarching theme, core readings, background lectures on research methods, and guidelines on revising and presenting papers. Prerequisite AMES 250 or instructor permission. Open to juniors and seniors only.

AMES 495-496. Senior Honors in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Fall, Spring (3,3) Staff
Students who wish to conduct an honors project must apply for admission to the Departmental Honors program, which is administered by the Charles Center. As part of the application, students must get the approval of an honors project by a faculty member of AMES. Application, which includes a faculty signature and a prospectus, should be made to the Charles Center by the end of classes in the academic semester before the project is to begin. A prospectus includes: (1) a clear statement of the problem to be researched; (2) a brief, critical review of scholarly literature on the research topic; (3) a description of the methodology to be employed; (4) and an approximate schedule of work. Eligible applicants must carry a 3.2 grade point average in AMES and must also meet the College eligibility standard of 3.0 overall or in their junior year. For further information and an application, contact the Charles Center.

Students admitted into the Honors program in AMES will enroll in these courses during both semesters of their senior year. Honors candidates are responsible for (1) formulating and completing a program of study in consultation with a faculty advisor; (2) preparation and presentation, by two weeks before the last day of classes in the spring semester, of an honors essay; and (3) satisfactory performance in a comprehensive oral examination that focuses on the subject matter of the Honors essay. For College provisions governing admission to the Honors program, see the Charles Center's discussion of departmental Honors.

AMES Performance Ensembles

AMES concentrators and minors may participate in any of three AMES performance ensembles for 1 credit per semester.  E18-01 Middle Eastern Music Ensemble; E21-01 Indonesian Gamelan Ensemble; or E23 - Music of India Ensemble.  AMES minors may apply 1-2  credits of ensemble participation to the concentration; AMES concentrators may apply 3-4 credits of ensemble participation to the concentration.