Courses in South Asian Studies

Courses Offered
  • ARTH 392: Art of India   
  • ARTH 330: Topics in Art History (South Asian topics only)
  • ANTH 300: The Environment in India: Nature, Culture, Conflict  
  • ECON 300: Contemporary Issues in Developing Economies  
  • GOVT 312: Politics of Developing Societies  
  • GOVT 391/491: South Asian Politics  
  • GOVT 491: State Building in Afghanistan  
  • HIST 150W: Freshman Seminar (South Asian topics only; eg. Gandhi: History and Representation)
  • HIST 161: History of South Asia  
  • HIST 270/WMST 290: Nation, Gender, and Race in South Asia  
  • HIST 491: Bollywood and the Making of Postcolonial India  
  • HIST 491: Colonialism, Nationalism and Modernity in South Asia  
  • HIST 491: Islam and Politics in South Asia  
  • HIST 720: Empires and Imperialism  
  • MUSC 367/ANTH 350: Music of India  
  • MUSC 345: Music and the Postcolonial in India
  • RELG 150W: Freshman Seminar (South Asian topics only; eg. Buddhist Enlightenment)
  • RELG 212: Introduction to Islam
  • RELG 213: Introduction to Hinduism
  • RELG 214: Introduction to Buddhism
  • RELG 308: Hindu Sacred Texts  
  • RELG 318: Islam in the Modern World  
  • RELG 360: Gods and Goddesses of India
  • RELG 361: Modern Hinduism
  • RELG 380: Buddhist Philosophy  
  • THEA 333/DANC 333: Introduction to Classical Asian Performance Styles  
Summer Study Abroad, Goa, India

The College also has a summer study abroad program in Goa, India, where a number of courses related to South Asia are taught every summer (6-7 credit hours). Please check with the Reves Center for more details.