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Professor Anne Rasmussen Contributes Chapter to New Book

Anne Rasmussen bookProfessor Anne K. Rasmussen's chapter "Indonesian Reciters of the Qur’an and the Juncture between Creation and Recreation" was just published in the book Musical Improvisation:  Art, Education, and Society edited by ethnomusicologists Bruno Nettl and Gabriel Solis, both professors in the prestigious program in ethnomusicology at The University of Illinois.  As the cover blurb states:  "A musical practice used for centuries the world over, improvisation too often has been neglected by scholars who dismiss it as either technically undissectible or inexplicably mysterious."  Professor Rasmussen believes that the contents of this volume, which includes perspectives on musical improvisation from Western Art Music, Jazz and Popular Musics, and various non-Western traditions, such as her chapter on Quranic recitation in Indonesia, reflects the inclusive spirit of the curriculum in music at William and Mary where a student's discovery, study, and performance is never limited to one particular musical style or culture.

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