Structural Geology classes begin series of epic quests through Middle Earth

The geography is fake, but the geology is real. Professor Chuck Bailey created a fictitious terrain for the students in his Structural Geology class to use as a project for each of the last 20 years. Structural geology, he explained, is concerned with the architecture of the earth.

Cherry Award Lecture: Geoscience education matters

Macdonald is Chancellor Professor of Geology at William & Mary. She is one of three finalists for the Robert Foster Cherry Award, given every two years by Baylor University.

Did Bad Weather Contribute to the Starving Time?

Geologists at William & Mary are analyzing a possible contributing cause of the deaths at Jamestown Island during the Starving Time of 1609 and 1610—bad drinking water.

Ancient faults still prove to be powerful

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake that shook central Virginia in 2011 was felt up and down the East Coast. Geology Professor Chuck Bailey was called on to explain the event.

W&M professor wins Neil Miner Award

Heather Macdonald, Chancellor Professor of Geology at William & Mary, has been proclaimed the winner of the Neil Miner Award by the National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT).

Basement to ceiling

Seniors in the geology department do a whirlwind tour from the bottom of a slate quarry to the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Lockwood receives Jefferson Teaching Award

Paleontologist Rowan Lockwood received the 2009 Thomas Jefferson Teaching Award, the highest award given to young faculty members at the College of William and Mary.

Happy as a Clam?

Dr. Rowan Lockwood, Kate McClure('09), and Karin Ohmann('09) are collaborating with colleague's from the Paleontological Research Institution (Ithaca, NY) and Syracuse University to document the impact of the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum climate change on the evolution and ecology of a group of clams called venericards.

The Lakes of Titan

Planetary geologist Ellen Stofan returned to her alma mater in April and talked up a storm - not your usual storm, but an incredibly cold tempest in which liquid methane takes the place of rainwater, which falls on water frozen literally hard as rock.

A Diabase Dog

The storied history of Geology's diabase plaque: a curious rock plaque depicting Snoopy, the famed Peanuts cartoon character, flanked by the mysterious Latin words, "Dolor Magnus!"

Traversing the Colorado Plateau

Every Spring Semester, William & Mary's Geology department offers just that with the ever-popular course "Geology 310 - Regional Field Geology." The day after graduation, 27 students and Professor Chuck Bailey headed west from Williamsburg.

A Meeting to Remember

In early October, over 9,000 earth scientists descended on Houston, Texas for the Geological Society of America's annual meeting. William & Mary's Geology department was well represented by past and current students and a core of faculty.

Senior Research Adventures in the Piedmont & Blue Ridge

The Geology Department has a long tradition of communal field trips that bring together students, from experienced seniors to freshmen in their first geology class, and faculty for a weekend of exploration and learning. And this spring's trip may start a new tradition...

Geology on Wheels

College students volunteer their precious free time to visit neighboring elementary schools with a red wagon in tow, piled high with lesson materials from rocks and minerals to Virginia's fossils to geology as a career.