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Earth Matters

Geologist Heather Macdonald wins a pair of national awards

Heather Macdonald, Chancellor Professor of Geology at William & Mary, has been recognized by her fellow scientists and educators for her contributions to the advancement of education in the earth sciences.

Geology major Kat Turk ’16 and William & Mary paleontologist Rowan Lockwood
Un-beached whale

Cornwallis sank as he died, making a couple of revolutions on his way down, finally ending belly up and flippers akimbo, making a sort of “whale angel” on the ocean bottom.

When extinction looms, diversity rules. At least for clams.

When it comes to the hard work of evolutionary paleontology, you can't beat the humble clam. Actually, you need a very large stack of humble clam fossils, because when you're tracing the mechanisms that drive evolution, you need a lot of individuals.

Geologists Siege Yorktown

Join Professor Chuck Bailey's Earth Structure & Dynamics class for a look at William & Mary Geology students in the field.