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Brown Bags & Seminars

The Department of Geology at William & Mary hosts Brown Bag presentations as well as guest Seminar speakers. Brown bags typically see our geology students or other geoscientists presenting on their research,  discussing an internship experience, sharing their outreach projects, bringing awareness to a topic and more.

Seminars often consist of research presentations conducted by graduate students and professors as well as geoscientists and department alums that share with us the work they do to make us aware of all the career options available to those interested in geosciences. 

Below is a collection of Brown Bags and Seminars from the wmgeomovies YouTube channel!


Brown Bags


{{youtube:large:center|iLIax9Tt9g4, 10/9/20 - In a land and time (not so) far away: headland bypassing around São Francisco do Sul Island, Brazil}}


{{youtube:large:center|3zV-2Wm0Q0k, 10/30/20 - The Hydrological Impacts of the US-Mexico Border Fence Along the Rio Grande}}


{{youtube:large:center|YHNLJ424NC0, 11/6/20 - Quantifying morphological variation in the ornament & shape of dermal scutes in Atlantic sturgeon }}



{{youtube:large:center|8mWPHUqPeNo, 9/16/20 – From Grains to Landscapes: Reconstructing Ancient Environments on Mars at Multiple Scales}}


{{youtube:large:center|YQER4pvt-DY, 10/7/20 – Trace metal biogeochemistry in the rock-soil-plant continuum: mine and wine case studies}}


{{youtube:large:center|No4xeC3-G6k, 11/11 – Which Size Matters When? Alternating Macroevolutionary Regimes of Phanerozoic Marine Animal Body Size}}