Arts & Sciences Criteria for Plumeri Awards

Thanks to a generous gift from alumnus Joe Plumeri, W&M Class of 1966 and retired member of the Board of Visitors, the College will be able to award up to twenty Plumeri Awards to faculty members annually, with more than half to Arts & Sciences faculty. Each awardee will receive $10,000 to be spent over two years.

The criteria for the Plumeri Award include: Must be an excellent teacher and researcher with demonstration of exceptional performance in research or teaching over a period of years. Demonstrate innovative, highly regarded research and/or teaching. Demonstrate exceptional creativity and/or risk-taking in terms of normative scholarship and broad interest to the campus and scholarly community. Activities in inter-, trans-, and multidisciplinary studies or active engagement of students in research, international work, or community-based activities aligned with the College's current or future strategic priorities will be particularly worthy of recognition. The Plumeri Award is independent of other recognitions or awards. Such recognition should neither be deferred nor withheld because of receipt of other significant recognition, nor should other recognitions be seen a priori as entitling a faculty member to a Plumeri Award.

The procedures for nominating Arts & Sciences faculty members are as follows:

  1. Chairs and directors are asked to nominate colleagues: up to two from each department and three from any department with at least 20 faculty members, and one from each interdisciplinary program. Nominees would normally not be informed of their nomination.
    1. Chairs or Program Directors may write a single letter of nomination.
    2. Chairs and Directors may form or designate a nomination, personnel, or executive committee to solicit nominations and write letters. If the letter is written on behalf of a departmental committee, this should be so stated in the letter.
    3. Any three faculty members can also nominate a colleague by writing a joint letter of nomination.
  2. Nominations will consist of:
    1. A letter of nomination in one of the formats noted above.
    2. A current c.v.
  3. In Arts & Sciences the nominee must have received tenure at the time of nomination.
  4. Nominees should have strong records in teaching, research, and service. Letters of nomination should point out reasons why nominees particularly deserve an award. Department chairs, program directors, and current holders of professorships or other honors are eligible for nomination for this award.
  5. Nominations of previous nominees who did not receive the award are encouraged. The Provost permits schools to re-nominate previous award recipients only if there are no other eligible nominees in that school. Arts & Sciences has always had more eligible and deserving nominees for Plumeri awards than available awards. Therefore, A&S does not accept re-nominations of prior recipients of the Plumeri Award.
  6. Submit nominations electronically to the Dean's Office as a single PDF file containing the letter(s) of nomination and the nominee's CV. The nominations should be emailed as a PDF attachment as instructed with the email subject line: Nom Plumeri: LastName.
  7. Nominations are due in the Dean's Office by the date specified in the call for nominations.
  8. A member of the Committee on Faculty Awards, Professorships, and Prizes (CFAPP) will chair a selection advisory committee of previous Plumeri recipients which will rank the nominees in three groups:
    1. Clearly should be nominated;
    2. Should be considered for nomination;
    3. Less clearly qualified for nomination.
  9. In evaluating the list submitted by the advisory committee, the Dean will consult, as appropriate, with the other Arts & Sciences deans. The final list of nominees rests with the Dean of Arts & Sciences. A confidential list of nominees will be sent by the Dean to the Provost's office.