How to Declare a Major or Minor

Completing declaration forms

To declare your Environmental Science and Policy major/minor you will need to complete two forms. Please complete these forms as much as possible before meeting with your Environmental advisor. The first is the usual College "declaration of major/minor" form. You need to declare your primary major first before declaring your Environmental Science and Policy major.

The second is a form that will help indicate and plan your exact requirements and courses for the Environmental Science and Policy degree. In many of our course groupings there are lots of substitutions available, so talk to your advisor and the program Director about possible course substitutions. On this second form you will also declare which track (science or policy) you intend to complete. You MUST get the program Director to co-sign your declaration forms before turning them in to the Registrar.

Choosing an advisor

Below is a list of faculty who advise students in the Environmental Science and Policy program. We recommend that you contact an advisor who most closely matches your primary major and/or your longer term career intentions.

  • Alan Braddock (Art History & American Studies): [[acbraddock]]
  • Randy Chambers (Biology): [[rmcham]]
  • Harmony Dalgleish (Biology): [[hjdalgleish]] 
  • Andy Fisher (History):  [[ahfis2]]
  • Mark Fowler (Philosophy, Ethics): [[mcfowl]]
  • Greg Hancock (Geology): [[gshanc]]
  • Rob Hicks (Economics): [[rlhick]]
  • Dorothy Ibes (Interdisciplinary studies): [[dcibes]] 
  • Jim Kaste (Geology): [[jmkaste]]
  • Brent Kaup (Sociology): [[bzkaup]]
  • Rowan Lockwood (Geology): [[rxlock]]
  • Heather Macdonald (Geology): [[rhmacd]]
  • Daniel Maliniak (Government): [[dxmali]]
  • Sarah Stafford (Economics): [[slstaf]] 
  • John Swaddle (Biology): [[jpswad]]

Please make sure that you download both sets of forms and fill out as much as you can before meeting with your advisor. And remember that you must get your forms approved and signed by the Director (Jim Kaste, Geology) before returning them to the Registrar.