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William & Mary students can earn credit for work done as interns in local or far-flung agencies, companies, or organizations. These internships can fulfill the capstone requirement for the Environmental Science and Policy major and minor. Here’s how it works. Students arrange the internship, which can be for roughly 7 hours a week or more for a semester or longer, or can be done during the summer. The student proposes the internship and related research topic to a faculty member. The student then works with the faculty member to develop their research topic. At the end of the semester, the student will produce an academic paper on the research topic related to their internship. The Director of the program can assist in setting up the registration. Students must get the internship credit approved in advance, the policy is here.

A world of career and internship possibilities are available to William & Mary students, visit the  Career Center's website. Be sure to spend time really exploring the resources at the center and on the web pages, and ask for help. There are William & Mary alumni who want to help you find an exciting job or internship (the Alumni Mentoring program), and listings of thousands of jobs and internships all over the world, many in the environment area. Click on the "Experience" logo for the E-recruiting link at the Career Center web site.

In the past, William & Mary students have done excellent internships at local agencies, such as:

There are a number of environmental consulting firms locally who are looking for interns:

Other students have worked for national and international agencies, such as:

If you represent an organization who offer internships or have completed an internship you would recommend to others please email us with your suggestions. Thanks.