Regina  Root

Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies

Office: Washington Hall 208
Phone: (757) 221-7728
Email: [[raroot]]

Regina A. Root is an international expert known for her work on fashion, textiles, and Latin American cultural production.  She received her M.A. from the University of Iowa and her Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley.  Her award-winning work has been touted by reviewers as pioneering in the area of Latin American material culture:  The Latin American Fashion Reader was the first book to take a broad look at the influence of Latin American culture on global fashion trends. Her monograph on Couture and Consensus: Fashion and Political Culture in Postcolonial Argentina has been revised and translated into Spanish as Vestir la naciónThe Handbook of Fashion Studies, co-edited and co-authored with other international experts, presents an overview of the field’s history, methodologies, and current debates.  Root’s work on sustainable design practices and global innovations in the industry continues to open new areas of research.  She has edited and co-edited special issues of Fashion Theory on Ecofashion, Latin American Fashion Now and Brazilian Fashion and volumes like Pasado de Moda:  Expresión cultural y consumo en la Argentina. The courses she teaches at William and Mary emphasize cross-cultural perspectives, cultural heritage and policy concerns.  She is particularly fond of teaching about the nineteenth century, a foundational moment in Latin American cultural history.