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2019 English Literary Awards

Each year, students from all majors submit their best work for our annual Student Literary Awards. They are judged first by a panel of creative writing faculty members, and then the top choices in each genre category are ranked by esteemed outside judges. In April, during the final weeks of classes, winners are invited to read from their work before their peers and the gathered faculty. First, second, and third prize winners are awarded a cash prize. First place winners also go on to attend the Alumni Prize Ceremony in May.

Here are this year's winners:

Concord Traveling Scholarship

Recipient: Aida Campos

The Goronwy Owen Prize in Poetry (Group of Poems)

First: Margaret Mitchell, Confessions

Second: Ryan Onders, Don’t Kiss the Alpaca Lips

Third: Rebecca Bermudez, psalms

Honorable Mentions

Jennifer Andreacchi, Group of Poems
Samantha Boateng, Black Girl
Aida Campos, Legacy
Frida Salmoran, My Margins
Nicholas Schilling, The Lived and the Imagined

The Glenwood Clark Prize in Fiction

First: Devon Bortz, “SICK”

Second: Brooke Stephenson, “Mine”

Third: Quinn Arnone, “Andromeda”

Honorable Mentions

Emily Childress, “The Runner”
Abby Comey, “Rocky Road”
Kate Dragonetti, “TV Preacher”
Clara Finley, “When the Lights Went On”
Katherine Hansen, “It Would Be My Pleasure”
Christina McBride, “The Surgery”
Margaret Mitchell, “Baby Shoes”
Adithi Ramakrishnan, “Full Bloom”
Gwen Sachs, “Strangers“

The Academy of American Poets Prize (Single Poem)

First: Frida Salmoran, “When I Consider How My Light Is Spent, 1987”

Second: Zheng Yu, “Waltz in the Snow”

Third: Ryan Onders, “Billy’s Burg”

Honorable Mentions

Abby Comey, “Phoenix”
Jana Considine, “Material Culture”
Kate Dragonetti, “Pool Party”
Nicole Efford, “Awareness”
Kaelyn Eleuterio, “Sins of Omission”
Clara Finley, “Shooting Stars”
Kathy Jiang, “Round”
Madeline Salino, “Grocery”
Nicholas Schilling, “As a Woman in Her Blood”
Marriya Schwarz, “32 Things My Mother Taught Me and the 1 Question She Left Me With”

The Tiberius Gracchus Jones Prize for Nonfiction

First: Christina McBride, “Hadley and Me”

Second: Kathryn Musk, “Umma”

Third: Anastasia Phalen, “By Accident”

Honorable Mentions

Dana Armstrong. “I'm Chiquita Banana: Delora Bueno”
Katherine Hansen, “Home”
Elizabeth Radcliffe, “Elk Lake”
Anna Steinmetz, “Michael”

The Howard Scammon Prize for Drama

First: Naomi Gruber, 7 O’Clock Mass

Second: Marriya Schwarz, Optics

Third: Abby Comey, Eliza

Honorable Mentions

Hallie Feinman, Float Along the River’s Bend
Cady Hammer, Second Chances
Alexis Mays, Disappear, “Pilot”
Eleanor Vaughn, Watched Pots Never Boil


Outside judges: Alison Titus, Katy George, Gregory Koehler, Gina Welch, and Xavier Atkins