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Travel Information

  • Requests for travel funds to attend conferences are normally approved by the Budget Committee in the fall.
  • Authorizations
    • Submit a Travel Authorization [PDF] to  [[jnsmith01, Jeanne Smith]] before making any travel arrangements. [[jnsmith01, Jeanne Smith]] will obtain the additional required signatures.  For insurance purposes, a travel authorization should be submitted even if you are paying for the trip yourself. 
    • If you anticipate that your lodging or business meals may exceed the allowable rates, please contact [[jnsmith01, Jeanne Smith]] to obtain approvals PRIOR to travel.
  • Travel Planning Guide. Financial Operations offers resources for planning your trip, including per diem rates.
  • Purchasing Air and Rail Tickets
    • Call an approved Travel Agent such as Covington Travel or CI Travel to check available fares and request that a quote be emailed to you.
    • If an online vendor is less expensive and you prefer to use that service, you must still include a quote from an approved Travel Agent along with your ticket receipts after your travel is completed.
    • If you decide to book tickets through an approved Travel Agent, choose your itinerary and request that the Agent contact [[jnsmith01, Jeanne Smith]] to arrange payment.
  • Rental Cars.  If you are interested in renting a car for university business, please contact [[jnsmith01, Jeanne Smith]] for guidelines and reservation information.
  • After Your Trip
    • Give your itemized receipts and reimbursement request to [[jnsmith01, Jeanne Smith]] for processing. 
    • All receipts must show each item purchased and how it was paid (cash, Visa, MC, etc).
  • FAQs from Financial Operations