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How to give a student an override

How to give an override to a student in Banner:

  • Login to myWM
  • Click on Banner (orange B with a circle around it)
  • Click on the faculty option
  • Click on "Registration Overrides"
  • Type in the student ID number & click Submit
  • Verify that it is the correct student & click Submit
  • Under the Override Heading: use the drop down menu(s) to pick what type of override you wish to give.
  • You can use Instructor Override and/or Maximum Capacity Override Under the Course Heading. Instructor Override allows the student to enroll if there are enough spaces. Maximum Capacity Override allows a student to enroll even when the class is full.
  • Use the drop down menu(s) to select which course you would like to assign the override(s) to.
  • When finished assigning the type of override(s) and course, click Submit to complete the transaction.