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Grading Policies

Faculty normally submit grades through Banner by going to myWM and logging in. From there go to Banner > Faculty > Final Grades.

1.  Grade Submission.

  • A+ is a valid grade ONLY for the Law School.
  • A grade must be assigned for every course for which a student is registered, including Honors.
  • Incompletes: If you agreed to late submission of an assignment because of an approved illness or other extenuating circumstances, you should assign an "I".  Taking Exams Late:  Do NOT assign a grade of "I" to students who have received approval to take their exam later during the grading period or with another section. As long as the exam will be taken during the exam period, leave the grade blank for these students. The student will remain on your final grade worksheet until the grading period ends. Once the exam is taken and graded, you can go back into the worksheet and assign the grade through the last day of the grading period.  If there is no grade on the last date of the grading period, you should assign an "I."
  • The grade of "G" may only be used for courses designated by EPC as being eligible for "G" grades, such as Thesis/Dissertation or Honors classes.  A "G" should NOT be assigned to a student who stopped attending class.
  • If a student stopped coming to class or missed the required final exam, a grade of "F" is entirely appropriate.  If the Dean of Students Office asked you to give a student some accommodation, and the student did not live up to the terms of the accommodation, a grade of "F" is appropriate.  If a student told you that he/she was withdrawing from the course or was taking a medical withdrawal, and no notation of such withdrawal appears on the grade sheet, then the student did not complete the work for the course and should receive an "F".
  • Student not on your Final Grade Worksheet:  If you wish to assign a grade to a student who has attended your class, but who is not listed on the final grade worksheet, please instruct the student to petition the Committee on Academic Status through the Dean of Student's Office (for undergraduate students) or through the Dean's Office (for Graduate Students) for a retroactive add.
  • Withdrawals - approved withdrawals are identified on your final grade worksheet. A grade of "W" is not an option to assign to a student. The student must follow proper procedures to officially withdraw from a course. Please refer any questions about withdrawals for students to the University Registrar's Office.
  • Audits - Students auditing a course must receive a grade. A successful Audit is reported as "O."  An unsuccessful audit is reported as "U."

2.  Pass/Fail Courses.  Whether a student is taking a course pass/fail should not be a concern of the instructor.  The instructor will enter a grade for the student, and Banner will convert it to a pass or a fail.  Students should not request or expect any accommodation just because they are taking a course pass/fail.

3.  Repeating a Course for a Better Grade.  Students who fail a course should not be allowed, under any circumstances, to sit through the course again in a subsequent semester, on the expectation that the original "F" will be changed to a better grade.  The student may repeat the course but must register for it; both grades must remain on the student's record.

Deadlines and procedures for grading are available from the Registrar.