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Final Exam Policies

1. Except for final laboratory examinations (including language laboratories and kinesiology activity classes), no test or final examinations may be given during the last week of classes or during the period between the end of classes and the beginning of the examination period or during any reading period.

2. The deadline for turning in take-home final examinations is the scheduled examination date for that class. If a final paper serves as the final exam, the due date is the scheduled examination date for that class. If the class has a scheduled final examination, no other assignments (such as papers) should be due during the exam period.

3. The time allocated for in-class final examinations is three hours, unless a shorter time is specified in the course syllabus.

4. College policy concerning the rescheduling of final examinations can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog on page 41. The office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies handles exam time conflicts, cases of three exams in a row, and requests to take the final in another section of the same course. The Dean of Students Office handles all other requests for rescheduling, such as for illness. You should only reschedule exams for those students who have received official permission to do so.