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Data Sources

When writing papers that involve quantitative analysis, a challenging part of the project is finding the data to test your research question. Below is a list of websites you may wish to visit in your search for appropriate data. Many of these websites contain freely downloadable data, while others may require fees for accessing data. A few may be accessible only from the W&M domain.

Sources are divided into general data, followed by macrodata, and microdata. Microdata typically consist of information on individuals or firms, while macrodata are usually aggregated at some level, such as the nation or the world. National data are available for the U.S. and many other nations. It is a good idea to check with your instructor before proceeding with the actual data analysis on your specific project.

    1. U.S. Macrodata
    2. World Macrodata
    1. U.S. Microdata, Cross-Sectional
    2. U.S. Microdata, Panel
    3. World Microdata