2013 Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence

Citation for Carol Sheriff

Professor Carol SheriffSince joining the History Department's faculty in 1993, Professor Sheriff has earned an outstanding reputation for the quality of her teaching. Whether the audience is at the freshman or the doctoral level, she insists that her students become sophisticated consumers of history and also that they move toward becoming practitioners themselves. Both the statistical and the written portions of the student evaluations of her classes have been, over the long term, among the best in the department. It is not unusual for students to describe her teaching as "tough as nails," always followed by "… the very best class I've ever taken." Colleagues note the intense preparation she puts into courses, and the joy she derives from teaching in all of its facets. Her previous recognition includes a University Professorship for Teaching Excellence, 2002; the Alumni Teaching Fellowship Award, 2000; the Thomas Jefferson Teaching Award, 2000; and the Class of 2013 Professorship. It is fitting that she now be recognized with the Arts and Sciences 2013 Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence.