2015 Faculty Governance Award

Citation for Tuska Benes

Associate Professor Tuska BenesSince joining the faculty in 2004, Professor Benes has played a signal role in helping to internationalize the curricula of the College and the History Department. Within the department, she has served on the Undergraduate Program Committee, the Graduate Studies Committee, the Prizes and Awards Committee, the Social Committee, the Departmental Affairs Committee, as chair of the Tyler Lecture Committee, and on six faculty search committees. Her remarkable service to the College includes, to cite an incomplete list, membership on the European Studies Executive Committee (since her arrival) and on the Global Studies Executive Committee (since 2006); the International Studies Advisory Committee; the Study Abroad Committee; the Lectures Committee; the Ad Hoc Committee on Study Abroad Programs in Arts & Sciences; the "General Education for a Global Century" Working Group; the Search Committee for a Vice Provost of International Affairs; the Educational Policy Committee, and the Steering Committee for Merit Evaluation in Arts & Sciences.She has also directed the European Studies and Global Studies programs, served as a freshman advisor, and read manuscripts for a variety of scholarly presses.

For her many contributions, it is fitting that Professor Benes be recognized with the Arts & Sciences 2015 Faculty Governance Award.