2010 Faculty Governance Awards

Citation for Eric Bradley

Eric Bradley, Professor of Applied Science and Biology, has served the College of William and Mary in almost every conceivable capacity that one can as a faculty member, indeed, he has served in roles that he pioneered. He served as chair of Biology for three years and as chair of Applied Science for seven. Besides extensive service in his home department of Biology on search committees and as radiation safety officer, he has served as co-chair of the Dean's Advisory committee of Arts & Sciences, a member of the Educational Policy Committee, a member of the Faculty Research Committee, on the Faculty University Priorities Committee, and the Committee on Sustainability, and chair of the committee on research on animal subjects. In radiation safety especially, Eric Bradley has been a stalwart. Saying he has served as chair of the Campus Radiation Safety Committee for over ten years only begins to capture what he has done when he personally has taken charge of de-contaminating rooms, being called upon to assess the dangers of radiation contamination in emergency situations, and being an advisor to police, fire, and facilities personnel. 

His reliability and common sense have been the reason why he has been called upon time and time again to be on search committees and evaluation committees, representing Arts & Sciences on committees for the university registrar, the associate provost for IT, the associate director of procurement, the director of Environmental Health and Safety, and the associate vice president of facilities management. When it became clear that Arts & Sciences needed someone to serve as our on-going contact with facilities management and to serve as the coordinator of our emergency planning, Eric was the obvious choice to be the first A&S Emergency and Facilities Coordinator. All of these positions, however, do not capture the full measure of what Eric Bradley has meant for Arts & Sciences. On every building project over the last ten years in Arts & Sciences, Eric has been on the building committee, assisted with academic planning, or been an advisor to the department chair, dean, and provost on the project. In his concern for working conditions for students and faculty, Eric has frequently gone well beyond the call of duty. Time and time again, on weekends, evenings, and vacations, when we have had power outages, equipment failures, fires, chemical spills, and other emergencies, Eric has come to the rescue, either directing the clean-up efforts or making certain that such emergencies are less likely to happen again. On some occasions, he personally has moved equipment, turned on generators, unclogged drains, or, protected sites from radiation contamination.  Every student, staff and faculty member in the natural and physical sciences owes Eric Bradley a debt of gratitude for helping protect our working environment, provide the facilities we need, and make this campus a better place for everyone.

For his leadership and his commitment to service to his colleagues and the College of William and Mary, Eric Bradley is a worthy recipient of the inaugural 2010 Arts & Sciences Faculty Governance Award.