Steering Committee

Note that this committee completed its mandate in Fall 2012, with responsibility for the curriculum review turning to the Educational Policy Committee and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Members of the Curriculum Review Steering Committee:

  • Fred Corney, History and Russian and Post-Soviet Studies
  • Josh Ehrlich, Physics
  • Bill Hutton, Classical Studies
  • Arthur Knight, American Studies and English
  • Lisa Landino, Chemistry
  • Michael Lewis, Mathematics (co-chair)
  • Teresa Longo, Dean for Educational Policy (co-chair)
  • Elizabeth Mead, Art and Art History
  • Chris Nemacheck, Government
  • Graham Ousey, Sociology
  • Student member: [Caroline Yates '12], TBA


Liaisons at the Professional Schools:

  • Brent Allred, Bill Geary, and Michael Luchs, Mason School of Business
  • Jeremy Stoddard, School of Education