Planning Calendar

This is the planning calendar for the Curriculum Review Steering Committee. Scroll down to view future events.

April 2011
  • Committee approval of the DRAFT- planning calendar; submission of the calendar to EPC
  • April meeting: Initial discussion of the following questions:  What kind of data do we want? What kind of Liberal Arts Curriculum would we like to create?  Will we create something new or adjust what we have?

Update:  Throughout the spring and summer, the committee worked under the general understanding that we will create something new.  As of late August, we continue to prefer a more integrated and interdisciplinary approach to the liberal arts than our GER structure currently makes possible.

  •  Prepare a presentation to the BOV; Lewis and Serghi make the presentation
  •  Establish subcommittee structure

 The working subcommittees are:  Data Collection; Institutional Memory; and Research on Other Models

May 2011
  • Presentation of the calendar to A&S
  • Evaluation of the CRSC budget
June 2011
  • 5-day seminar for committee members on major issues and allocation of subcommittee assignments
July 2011
  • Subcommittees work on assignments.
August 2011
  • Three CRSC members attend the AAC&U Institute on General Education for a Global Century the first week in August
  • Re-convene the committee on Wednesday August 17
September 2011
  • Establish a plan for communicating with faculty.  The plan will include small satellite committees or focus groups. The goal is to have faculty react to our work and contribute ideas.
  • Set up website and other interactive sites.  Distribute to the faculty of A&S a survey about the Liberal Arts at W&M.
  • Meetings with guests from outside W&M and/or invitations for meetings to be held in October and November
October 2011 
  • Begin meetings with the small satellite committees or focus groups. Explore with them the following question: How do you and your department/program and area see itself in relation to the Liberal Arts? How would you, your department/program and area like to position yourself in the next two decades?
November 2011
  • Continue meetings with the small satellite committees or focus groups.
  • Committee meeting/seminar with outside scholars and experts on the Liberal Arts in the 21st Century
December 2011
  • Half day retreat, Friday the 2nd.  Review what we have learned; make decisions about the model(s) we will move forward.

Update: The committee’s original (April 2011) plan was to design two new curriculum models.  However, during the June seminar, the steering committee met with experts on change management from the Mason Business School.  We have been advised that the proposed “two models” plan is problematic.  As of August 26, our inclination is to construct one model.             

  •  Briefing of administrators:  Provost; Deans, Vice-provosts; Registrar
January 2012
  • 5-day seminar on the design of the new curriculum; include sessions on proficiency requirements, course load, and the costs of a new curriculum
February 2012 
  • Faculty conversation about the preliminary model: February 28, 4-5:30 pm, 201 Washington Hall. All faculty are invited to attend.
  • Faculty conversation about the preliminary model: February 29, 4-5:30 pm, Tidewater AB, Sadler Center. All faculty are invited to attend.
March 2012 
  • SRSC works on the revision and presentation of the new curriculum throughout the month.
  • Presentation to EPC
April 2012
  • Faculty conversation about the proposed curriculum: April 10, 4-5:30 pm, ISC 1127. All faculty are invited to attend.
  • Faculty conversation about the proposed curriculum: April 11, 4-5:30 pm, Tyler 102. All faculty are invited to attend.
May 2012
  • Presentation of year-end report to the Faculty of Arts & Sciences
September and October 2012
  • Presentations to A&S departments and programs
November 2012
  • Two faculty conversations: Presentation of the preliminary feasibility study; update on the proposal after the September and October meetings with programs and departments; and discussion. (1) Wednesday, November 7, from 4 to 5:30 pm in Chesapeake C, Sadler Center, and  (2) Thursday, November 8, from 4 to 5:30 pm in the Commonwealth Auditorium, Sadler Center.
  • Presentation of Executive Summary to the Educational Policy Committee.
December 2012
  • Presentation of Executive Summary to the Faculty of Arts & Sciences.
Spring 2013

On February 5 the faculty approved a motion brought forward by the Educational Policy Committee (EPC) to endorse the guiding principles and conceptual framework of the proposed curriculum. Through the spring semester the EPC's working groups reviewed and adjusted each part of the curriculum for seriatum discussion by the faculty as a whole.

Fall 2013

The faculty continue their seriatum discussion of the new curriculum.