What are you most excited about in your current work?

Professor Paul Bhasin “One of the pieces I’m working on right now is the most difficult score I’ve ever done,” said Bhasin, Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Bands. “There are several different methods for preparing a score, but ultimately it comes down to: How am I going to make a connection with the audience and keep it for two hours?”

Bhasin has led wind and jazz ensembles at various universities and been featured as a trumpet soloist on National Public Radio, Detroit PBS-TV, the International Computer Music Conference, and at the Chautauqua Music Festival.

Professor Elizabeth Wiley “Similar to the way Paul prepares a score, I need to prepare an audio book in a way that helps bring the story to life for listeners,” said Wiley, who is working on a series of audio book narrations. “The new digital world offers lots of new avenues for actors to explore. It’s interesting to see how opportunities for actors are expanding. ”

Wiley, an associate professor of Theatre, Speech and Dance and the College’s Head of Acting, has been acting on stage and on camera for more than 25 years and specializes as a voice/dialect coach and voiceover artist.