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The entire team is dedicated to the success of our students - in receiving internships, accolades, publications, and great jobs. Check out what they've done here.

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2018-2019 Academic Year
Offers Accepted 2020 (Graduating Seniors):
Name Destination Team
Rachel Oberman Intel Architecture, Graphics, and Software geoDev
Heather Baier LMI geoData
Josh Panganiban Deloitte geoBoundaries
Audrey Way Lafayette Group geoData
John Napoli The Brattle Group geoData
Elizabeth Dowker Booz Allen Hamilton geoBoundaries
Summer (2019) Internships:
Name Destination Team
Nicholas LaGamma Johns Hopkins University Human Language Technology Center of Excellence geoDev
Rachel Oberman Intel - Artificial Intelligence Team Director
Sydney Fuhrig Global Environment Facility geoData
Coyote Farrell James Monroe Research Project geoBoundaries
John Napoli International Fund for Agricultural Development geoData
Josh Panganiban AlixPartners geoBoundaries
Chengzhuo (Nolan) Ma Alibaba Ant financial Artificial Intelligence Team geoDev
Heather Baier International Fund for Agricultural Development geoData
Yaw Ofori-Addae AidData geoDev
Grace Lee AidData geoDev
Celia Anne Metzger US Government (Language Analyst) geoParsing
Matt Crittenden CheckMySchool, ANSA-EAP in Manila, Philippines; Monroe Fellow geoPasing
2019 Fellowships and Other Achievements:
Name Distinction
Rachel Oberman Intel Developer Products Support & Consulting Excellence Award
Josh Panganiban Society for Women in Marine Science Fellow
Laura Opsahl-Ong 1st Place Cypher Hackathon Cup Stacking Competition
Heather Baier Christian Ewell Scholarship
Matt Crittenden Freeman Fellowship, GEICO Foundation Scholarship, Bass Family Scholarship, Waverly M. Cole Scholarship
Jack Bowden Student Assembly Senator
Chengzhuo (Nolan) Ma Bronze Medal in Fencing
Rachel Oberman Mortar Board Honor Society
Celia Anne Metzger 1693 Scholar
Yaw Ofori-Addae Capital One Finance Hack, 1st Place
geoLab Fellows Matt Crittenden (geoParsing Lead), Heather Baier and Graham Melville (Nuru International External Engagement), Rachel Oberman (geoLab Undergraduate Director), Lauren Hobbs (geoBoundaries Lead), John Napoli (geoData Lead)


Past Academic Years
Offers Accepted (Graduating Seniors):
Name Destination Year Team
Lauren Hobbs Deloitte Consulting GPS Strategy and Operations 2019 geoBoundaries
Jack Bowden ADP 2019 geoDev
Grace Grimsley Department of Defense 2019 geoBoundaries
Rebecca Youngerman Harvard 2019 geoData
Graham Melville Harvard 2019 geoData
Rachel Layko The Nature Conservancy 2019 geoBoundaries
Leigh Seitz Booz Allen Hamilton  2017 geoBoundaries
Noor Rahman CGI, Inc. 2018 geoDev
Rob Marty World Bank 2017 geoDev
Michael LeFew Lewin Group 2018 geoDev
Summer Internships:
Name Destination Year Team
Nicholas LaGamma CHOICE Humanitarian 2018 geoDev
Sydney Fuhrig James Monroe Research  2018 geoBoundaries
John Napoli Cummins, Inc. 2018 geoData
Graham Melville Harvard University NSF REU 2018 geoData
Lauren Hobbs International Fund for Agricultural Development 2018 geoBoundaries
Celia Anne Metzger Dobro Slovo Scholarship (St. Petersburg & Moscow) 2018 geoParsing
Rebecca Youngerman HealthShare Exchange 2018 geoData
Matthew Crittenden AidData, Monroe Research, Charles Center Research 2018 geoParsing
Rachel Oberman Goryeb Children's Hospital; Monroe Research 2018 Director
Heather Baier CheckMySchool (Phillipines) 2018 geoData
Grace Lee HipHost (Full Stack Intern) 2018 geoDev

Fellowships and Other Achievements:
Name Distinction Year
John Napoli 1st Place WMGIC Case Competition, Freeman Fellow 2018
Josh Panganiban Committee on Sustainable Research Summer Fellow: 2018
Matthew Crittenden SOMOS Research Fellow, GEICO Foundation Scholar 2018
Heather Baier Pulitzer Center Fellowship 2018
Lara Maluf-mas Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership 2018
Jack Bowden Student Assembly Senator 2018
geoLab Fellows Graham Melville and Heather Baier (Nuru International External Engagement), Rachel Oberman (geoLab Undergraduate Director), Lauren Hobbs (geoBoundaries Lead), John Napoli (geoData Lead) 2018