GeoBoundaries Database of Global Administrative Zones

GeoBoundaries is a spatial database that records the geographic boundaries of administrative zones across the globe. 

GeoBoundaries 1.3

The GeoBoundaries database is made available in a variety of software formats to support GIS software programs.  Contrasting to other administrative boundary datasets, geoBoundaries is an open product: all boundaries are open and redistributable, and are released alongside extensive metadata and licensure information.

Since version 2.0.0 of geoBoundaries, the most recent version of geoBoundaries can be found at

We do our best to correct errors in our data, but admit the dataset is not perfect.  Further, we intentionally do not include any  data that is not both open and redistributable.  If you have data sources we can use to improve our dataset that meet these criteria, or recommend changes to our existing dataset, please contact us at: