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A running record of all projects the geoLab is undertaking, or has completed.

Core Projects

The geoLab has four core projects we support annualy in support of our goals.

Project Name
Project Aim


The largest open license spatial database that records the geographic boundaries of administrative zones.  


Collects, integrates, provisions and analyzes ancillary data for every geoBoundary administrative zone.


Collects event-based information on where activities are happening around the world, and geocodes them to create open spatial datasets.


Conducts machine learning and creates software in support of the other three projects.
Ph.D. Projects

The geoLab supports a number of Ph.D. students to conduct basic research into fundamental questions.

Student Title Years
Seth Goodman Analysis and Estimation of Socio-economic Variables using Satellite Imagery and Convolutional Neural Networks 2017-Present
Karim Bahgat Automated Semantic Matching and Georeferencing for Hard-copy Georeferenced Documentation 2018-Present
Jianing Zhao Quantifying and Explaining Causal Effects using Causal Tree Algorithms 2015-2018


Undergraduate Projects

The geoLab conducts a number of targetted projects led by undergraduate researchers.

Student Title Years
Rebecca Youngerman Kenyan Healthcare: an Index Approach 2018-2019
Mollie Gaines A climate index approach to measuring vulnerability in South Africa 2018 - 2019
Graham Melville Nuru International: Identifying receeding conflict zones based on vegetation 2018-2019
Lauren Hobbs GRID3: Identifying sub-national boundaries 2018-2019