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Project Details: geoData

The geoData team is the backbone of ancillary data collection and analysis at the geoLab.


While it's critical to know where policy-relevant administrative boundaries are, without underlying data in those areas - including census, satellite, and survey data - few decisions can be made.  This is where geoData comes in.  Working with data from NASA, NOAA, local countries, and a host of NGOs, the geoData project aggregates data and releases it for individuals with little data knowledge to be able to quickly and easily use.

The geoData team also provides analytic support using spatial data with practitioners - frequently including the creation of new datasets.  Recent engagements have included:

  • Mapping receding conflict boundaries with satellite imagery in Nigeria.
  • Quantifying climate-related drought risks in South Africa.
  • Quantifying CO2 emissions in areas proximate to environmental aid efforts.
  • Contrasting perceptions of health quality care in Kenya.

Co2 Point Data

As they are published, datasets are made available on our data page.