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Jump-Start Data Science Summer Program

Late May - Early August
Program Overview

This program is part of an accelerated minor in Data Science. During the summer you will take the first four of the six classes required for a minor in Data Science, and complete the minor the following academic year.

The program begins one week before the official start of Summer Session 1, with an online section of CSCI 140 (Programming for Data Science, Prof. D. Willner).  Starting this introductory programming course early will give you the head start you need for DATA 146 (Reasoning Under Uncertainty, Prof. R. Smith).  In the second half of the summer you will move on to DATA 310 (Applied Machine Learning, Prof. D. Vasiliu) and PHIL 330 (Ethics and Data Science, Prof. M. Haug).  Throughought both sessions, you will take SPCH 201A (Public Speaking, TBD). Extra time is built-in to some of the courses to ensure you will have adequate time to finish projects.

  • Accelerated minor; you can complete the majority of the Data Science minor over the summer, and the remaining two courses in the following year.  You will earn a total of 15 credits over the summer.
  • You will earn a total of 5 COLL credits (COLL 200 and ALV).
  • Students will have the opportunity to connect with a variety of employers who recruit at William & Mary. Through different sessions with organization representatives, students will learn about trends in data science, internships & full-time positions, the application process and how to stand out as a candidate. Students will also participate in professional development workshops on topics including resume/cover letter writing and interviewing.
  • Small group; you will be part of a summer cohort of ~25 students.

The application for the 2022 Jump Start program will be available December 15th, and will be due February 15th.


Housing may be available on campus (TBD).

Schedule (2021)

Classes will be held Monday through Thursday as follows:

Course Attributes Title Dates Credits
CSCI 140 Online Programming for Data Science May 24 - June 26      4
DATA 146 Online Intro to Data Science June 1 - July 1      3
DATA 310 Online Applied Machine Learning July 6 - August 5      3
PHIL 330 ALV, C200, Online Ethics and Data Science July 6 - August 5      3
SPCH 201A ALV, Online Public Speaking June 1 - August 5      2



Contact Associate Professor Jaime Settle ([[jsettle]]), Associate Director of Data Science Program, or Dean Janice Zeman ([[jlzema]]).