Self Designed Data Science Major

Below we provide a template for how you can opt to build a Data Science self-designed major; you can work with a Data Science advisor to tailor the curriculum to your personal interests.  If you do not have an advisor, or are not sure who the best advisor to contact would be, you can contact the program Director, Dr. Matthias Leu;

Example Self-Designed Data Science Major: Steps to Enroll
  1. Download the Self-Design Major Declaration Form and the Registrar's Declaration of Major Form.
  2. Add the core DATA coursework - DATA 141 (Programming for Data Science, 3 credit hours), DATA 146 (Reasoning Under Uncertainty, 3 credit hours), and DATA 310 (Applied Machine Learning; 3 credit hours).
  3. Select which course(s) you will take to fulfill the Data Science deliberation requirement, and add them to the form.  These can include DATA 150, PHIL 215, and PHIL 303. 
  4. Select a minimum of four upper-level methods courses you will take, and add it to the form. You can tailor this coursework to your interests by working with a Data Science faculty advisor; courses which focus on the application of quantitative analysis in any department can be used to fulfill the methods requirement. All students in the program are eligible to take INTR 204 (Introduction to GIS, 4 credit hours), INTR 490 (Advanced Topics in GIS, 3-4 credits), CSCI 241 (Data Structures, 3 credits), CSCI 243 (Discrete Structures of Computer Science, 3 credits).  Students without coursework in other departments should also consider CSCI 303 (Algorithms, 3 credits).
  5. If you do not have a COLL 400 capstone in another major (i.e., you are not dual-majoring), make sure you include one COLL 400 capstone research course.
  6. Ensure your program meets all criteria of William and Mary self-designed majors, as outlined on the Charles Center's website.  Majors must have a minimum of 30 credit hours and a maximum of 48 credit hours.  
  7. Submit both the self-design major and registrar's major form to the Data Science Program director (Dr. Matthias Leu; to sign; include a copy of your unofficial transcript in this submission.
  8. The program director will submit, and keep a copy of for you to pickup:
    1. A signed copy of the self-design major form to the Committee for Honors and Interdisciplinary Studies (CHIS) in the Charles Center,
    2. Your unofficial transcript to CHIS,
    3. A one-page justification for the major (a draft can be viewed here).
    4. The Delclaration of Major form to the Registrar.
  9. The CHIS will forward their recommendation to the Registrar.

More information about self-designed majors can be found on the Charles Center website.