William & Mary

Fall 2015 T-Shirt Design Contest Finalists

Contact:  xyz@cs.wm.edu


Here are the finalists for the Fall 2015 Department of Computer Science t-shirt design contest!

Full Description

We had quite a few submissions this year and it was hard to narrow down the field, but here are this year's finalists.  The final selection will be made by a vote of the entire W&M computer science community, which includes all computer science majors, minors, graduate students, faculty, and staff. The winning design will be used for this year's computer science department t-shirts.  All current computer science majors and minors will receive a free t-shirt as a complimentary gift, as will all members of the winning design team.

Please send your vote to xyz@cs.wm.edu by 9am on Friday, October 9, 2015.  Along with your vote, please let us know your t-shirt size so we can get a better estimate of how many to have made in each size!

Remember that the Department reserves the right to choose the final colors.            

Finalist 1
1 f 1 b
Front Back

Finalist 2
2 f 2 b
Front Back

Finalist 3
3 f 3 b
Front Back

Finalist 4
4 f 4 b
Front Back


Finalist 5 (if this design were to win we'd fix the date of the founding of the department in beta)
5 f 5 b
Front Back