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Fall 2012 T-Shirt Design Contest Finalists


Members of the W&M computer science community are invited to vote on their favorite t-shirt design

Full Description

The Department of Computer Science invites all declared CS majors, declared CS minors, CS graduate students, CS faculty, and CS staff to vote on their favorite design.  Since this is a competition, with prize money involved, votes must be for one and only one design.  Votes of the form "I vote for the front of Design X and the back of Design Y" will be disqualified.

Send e-mail with your choice of Design 1 xor Design 2 xor Design 3 xor Design 4  to  If you want a CS t-shirt, please let us know and include your size when sending in your vote.  (T-shirts are free to all declared CS majors, declared CS minors, and CS graduate students.)

Votes are due by no later than noon on Monday, October 8.  Votes received after the deadline will not be counted.

2012 Design 1:
Design 1 Front
Design 1 Back
2012 Design 2:
Design 2 graphics
Design 2 Shirt
2012 Design 3:
Design 3 Graphic
Design 3 Shirt
2012 Design 4:
Design 4 Front
Design 4 Back