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Master's Theses

Jiawei Wen
Managing micro VMs in Amazon EC2
August 2016
Advisor: Evgenia Smirni
Shengye Wan
PathTrapper: Protecting Web Contents against Persistent Crawlers
May 2016
Advisor: Kun Sun
Kevin Moran
Enhancing Bug Reports for Mobile Apps
August 2015
Advisor: Denys Poshyvanyk
Andrew Holtzhauer
Studying and Enabling Reuse in Android Mobile Apps
August 2014
Advisor: Denys Poshyvanyk
Evan Moritz
TraceLab: Reproducing Empirical Software Engineering Research
August 2013
Advisor: Denys Poshyvanyk
Ziyu Guo
Treatment of Sychronizations in Compiling Fine-Grained SPMD-Threaded Programs for CPU
August 2011
Advisor: Xipeng Shen
Michael Weissberger
Multimodal Non-Rigid Registration for Image-Guided Head and Neck Surgery
May 2010
Advisor: Nikos Chrisochoides
George Zagaris
Parallel Unstructured Grid Generation for Complex Real-World Aerodynamic Simulations
May 2008
Advisor: Nikos Chrisochoides
John A. Murphy
Automatically Generating Random Test Data for Relevant and Implicitly Defined Subdomains
January 2008
Advisor: David Coppit
Elizabeth Crump
Tweakable Blockciphers Secure Against Generic Exponential Attacks
May 2007
Advisor: Moses Liskov
David C. Goldenberg
Forward Secure Fuzzy Extractors
May 2007
Advisor: Moses Liskov
Zhenyu Wu
A New Packet Filter: Fast Packet Filtering by Exploiting CISC and SIMD ISA
May 2007
Advisor: Haining Wang
Zhili Hua
Markov Chain Modeling for Multi-Server Clusters
September, 2005.
Advisor: Evgenia Smirni
Scott Arthur Schneider
Factory: An Object-Oriented Parallel Programming Substrate for Deep Multiprocessors
August, 2005.
Advisor: Dimitrios Nikolopoulos
Meghan Revelle
An Investigation of Programmer Identified Concerns
May, 2005.
Advisor: David Coppit
Andriy Fedorov
Location Management in a Mobile Object Runtime Environment
Dec, 2003.
Advisor: N. Chrisochoides
Leonidas Linardakis
A Parallel 2-Dimensional Delaunay Decoupling Method
Dec, 2003.
Advisor: N. Chrisochoides
Nathan Moore
Artificial Societies: A Computational Model of Disease Transmision
June, 1999.
Advisor: S. Park
Rachel I. Moore
Artificial Societies: A Computational Approach to Studying Combat.
April, 1999.
Advisor: S. Park
Paul S. Miner
Verification of Fault-Tolerant Clock Synchronization Systems.
July, 1992.
Advisor: P. Kearns
Wendell R. Ricks
Knowledge-Based System for Flight Information Management.
April, 1990.
Advisor: W. Bynum
Earl Stavis Harris Jr.
Data Constraints in Function-Oriented Languages.
May, 1990.
Advisor: L. Morell
Terence S. Abbott
Task-Oriented Display Design: Concept and Example .
March, 1989.
Advisor: R. Prosl
Sorel Bosan
Interactive Simulations for Knowledge Acquisition.
June, 1989.
Advisor: R. Prosl.
Mela Mehrotra
Tree-Searching Algorithms on Parallel Architectures.
March, 1985.
Advisor: J. R. Van Rosendale