• WM-CS-2015-03
    Zhang Xu, Haining Wang and Zhenyu Wu
    A Measurement Study on Co-residence Threat inside the Cloud
  • WM-CS-2015-02
    Lingfei Wu, Andreas Stathopoulos, Jesse Laeuchli, Vassilis Kalantzis, and Efstratios Gallopoulos
    Estimating the Trace of the Matrix Inverse by Interpolating from the Diagonal of an Approximate Inverse
  • WM-CS-2015-01
    Lingfei Wu, Kesheng Wu, Alex Sim, Michael Churchill, Jong Y. Choi, Andreas Stathopoulos, CS Chang, Scott Klasky
    Towards Real-Time Detection and Tracking of Blob-Filaments in Fusion Plasma Big Data