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  • WM-CS-2014-01
    Zhijia Zhao, Bo Wu, Xipeng Shen
    Probabilistic Analysis for Optimal Speculation of Finite-State Machine Applications
  • WM-CS-2014-02
    Yufei Ding, Mingzhou Zhou, Zhijia Zhao, Sarah Eisenstat, Xipeng Shen
    The Potential and Complexity of Compilation Scheduling for JIT-Based Runtime Systems
  • WM-CS-2014-03
    Lingfei Wu, Andreas Stathopoulos
    Enhancing the PRIMME Eigensolver for Computing Accurately Singular Triplets of Large Matrices
  • WM-CS-2014-04
    Zhijia Zhao, Mingzhou Zhou, Xipeng Shen
    SatScore: Uncovering and Avoiding a Principled Pitfall in Responsiveness Measurements of App Launches
  • WM-CS-2014-05
    Yifan Zhang, Chiu C. Tan, Fengyuan Xu, Hao Han, Qun Li
    Lightweight and Privacy-preserving Location Proofs for Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • WM-CS-2014-06
    Lingfei Wu, Andreas Stathopoulos
    PRIMME SVDS: A Preconditioned SVD Solver for Computing Accurately Singular Triplets of Large Matrices based on the PRIMME Eigensolver
  • WM-CS-2014-07
    James Bieron
    A Deterministic Algorithm for the Building of Binary Phylogenetic Trees in O(hn) Time