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  • WM-CS-2010-01
    Robert Michael Lewis and Virginia Torczon
    A Direct Search approach to Nonlinear Programming Problems Using an Augmented Lagrangian Method with Explicit Treatment of Linear Constraints
  • WM-CS-2010-03
    Andy Kowalski and Xipeng Shen
    Implementing the Dslash Operator in OpenCL
  • WM-CS-2010-04
    Chase Albert, Aaron Paloski, Xipeng Shen, Eric J. Walter, and Shiwei Zhang
    Experiences in Porting the Hubbard Model in Computational Materials Science to GPU
  • WM-CS-2010-06
    Andrew Pyles and Gang Zhou
    Implementing USB Host mode on the Android platform
  • WM-CS-2010-07
    Eddy Z. Zhang, Yunlian Jiang, Ziyu Guo, Kai Tian, and Xipeng Shen
    On-the-Fly Elimination of Dynamic Irregularities for GPU Computing
  • WM-CS-2010-08
    Kai Tian, Yunlian Jiang, Xipeng Shen, Weizhen Mao
    Makespan Minimization for Job Co-Scheduling on Chip Multiprocessors