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Technical Reports


    *   WM-CS-2009-01
      Ruth Lamprecht and Peter Kemper
      Finding Reflection Symmetry in Spatial Models

    *   WM-CS-2009-03
      Xipeng Shen and Yunlian Jiang
      Co-Run Locality Prediction for Proactive Shared-Cache Management

    *   WM-CS-2009-04
      Eddy Z. Zhang, Yunlian Jiang and Xipeng Shen
      A Systematic Measurement of the Influence of Non-Uniform Cache Sharing
      on the Performance of Modern Multithreaded Programs

    *   WM-CS-2009-05
      Andriy Fedorov, Benjamin Clifford, Simon K. Warfield,
      Ron Kikinis and Nikos Chrisochoides
      Non-Rigid Registration for Image-Guided Neurosurgery on the TeraGrid: A case Study

    *   WM-CS-2009-06
      Abdou M. Abdel-Rehim, Andreas Stathopoulos and Kostas Orginos
      Extending the eigCC algorithm to non-symmetric Lanczos for linear systems with multiple right-hand sides

    *   WM-CS-2009-07
      Xipeng Shen, Yunlian Jiang, Eddy Z. Zhang, Kai Tan, Feng Mao, Malcom Gethers
      Program Seminal Behaviors: Automating Input Characterization for Large-Scope Proactive Behavior Prediction

    *   WM-CS-2009-08
      Yunlian Jiang and Xipeng Shen
      Speculation with Little Wasting: Saving Cost in Software Speculation Through Transparent Learning

    *   WM-CS-2009-09
      Yixun Liu, Andriy Fedorov, Ron Kiknis and Nikos Chrisochoides
      Real-time Non-Rigid Registration of Medical Images on a Cooperative Parallel Architecture

    *   WM-CS-2009-10
      Yixun Liu, Denys Poshyvamck, Rudolf Ferenc, Tibor Gyimothy and Nikos Chrisochoides
      Measuring Class Cohesion as Mixtures of Latent Topics

    *   WM-CS-2009-11
      Yixun Liu, Chengjun Yao, Liangfu Zhou and Nikos Chrisochoides
      A Point Based Non-Rigid Registration For Tumor Resection Using iMRI

    *   WM-CS-2009-12
      Eddy Z. Zhang, Yunlian Jiang, Ziyu Guo and Xipeng Shen
      Streamlining GPU Applications On the Fly -- Thread Divergence Elimination through Runtime Thread-Data Remapping