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Technical Reports


    *   WM-CS-2008-01
      Ningfang Mi, Alma Riska, Qi Zhang, Evgenia Smirni, Erik Riedel
      Efficient Management of System Idleness
    * WM-CS-2008-02
      Giuliano Casale, Eddy Z. Zhang, Evgenia Smirni
      Interarrival Times Characterization and Fitting for Markovian Traffic Analysis
    * WM-CS-2008-03
      Giuliano Casale, Ningfang Mi, Evgenia Smirni
      Bound Analysis of Closed Queueing Networks with Nonrenewal Workloads
    * WM-CS-2008-04
      Giuliano Casale
      CoMoM: A Class-Oriented Algorithm for Probabilistic Evaluation of Multiclass Queueing Networks
    * WM-CS-2008-05
      Duy Le, Chuan Yue, Tyler Smart, Haining Wang
      Detecting Kernel Level Keyloggers Through Dynamic Taint Analysis
    * WM-CS-2008-06
      Feng Mao, Xipeng Shen
      Cross-Input Learning and Discriminative Prediction in Evolvable Virtual Machines
    * WM-CS-2008-07
      Robert Michael Lewis and Virginia Torczon
      Active Set Identification without Derivatives
    * WM-CS-2008-08
      Feng Mao, Xipeng Shen
      LU Decomposition on Cell Broadband Engine
    * WM-CS-2008-09
      Yixun Liu, Eddy Z. Zhang, Xipeng Shen
      A Cross-Input Adaptive Framework for GPU Program Optimization