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Technical Reports


    *   WM-CS-2007-01
      Xipeng Shen
      A Hybrid Framework Bridging Locality Analysis and Cache-Aware Scheduling for CMPs
    * WM-CS-2007-05
      Peter Kemper and Carsten Tepper
      Automated Analysis of Simulation Traces-Separating Progress from Repetitive Behavior
    * WM-CS-2007-06
      Hilary DeRemigio, Peter Kemper, M. Drew LaMar, Gregory D. Smith
      Markov Chains of Coupled Intracellular Calcium Channels: Kronecker Structured Representations and Benchmark Stationary Distribution Calculations
    * WM-CS-2007-07
      Xipeng Shen and Feng Mao
      Modeling Relations Between Inputs and Dynamic Behaviour for General Programs
    * WM-CS-2007-09
      Xipeng Shen, Yunlian Jiang, and Feng Mao
      CAPS: Contention-Aware Proactive Scheduling for CMPs

    * WM-CS-2007-11
      Haodong Wang,  Sheng Bo,  Chiu C. Tan and Qun Li
      WM-ECC: an Elliptic Curve Cryptography Suite on Sensor Motes
    * WM-CS-2007-13
      Yunlian Jiang and Xipeng Shen
      Study of the Effects of Program Inputs on Co-Scheduling