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Technical Reports


    *   WM-CS-2005-01
      Robert Michael Lewis, Anne Shepherd, and Virginia Torczon
      Implementing generating set search methods for linearly constrained minimization
    * WM-CS-2005-02
      James Mccombs and Andreas Stathopoulos
      Iterative Validation of Eigensolvers: A scheme for Improving the Reliability of Hermitian Eigenvalue Solvers
    * WM-CS-2005-03
      Andreas Stathopoulos
      Nearly Optimal Preconditioned Method for Hermitian Eigenproblems Under Limited Memory
    * WM-CS-2005-04
      Matthew Curtis-Maury, Tanping Wang, Christos D. Antonopoulos and Dimitrios Nikolopoulos
      Integrating Multiple Forms of Multithreaded Execution on SMT Processors: A Quantitative Study with Scientific Workloads
    * WM-CS-2005-05
      Ashish Gupta, Marcia Zangrilli, Ananth Sundararaj, Peter A. Dinda, and Bruce B. Lowekamp
      Free Network Measurement for Adaptive Virtual Machine Distributed Computing
    * WM-CS-2005-06
      Scott Schneider, Christos Antonopoulos and Dimitrios Nikolopoulos
      Factory: An Object-Oriented Parallel Programming Substrate for Deep Multiprocessors.
    * WM-CS-2005-07
      A. Fedorov, N. Chrisochoides, R. Kikinis, S. Warfied
      Tetrahedral Mesh Generation for Medical Imaging
    * WM-CS-2005-08
      Lei Guo, Songqing Chen, Zhen Xiao, Enhua Tan, Xiaoning Ding, and Xiaodong Zhang
    * WM-CS-2005-09
      Andreas Stathopoulos
      Locking issues for finding a large number of eigenvectors of hermitian matrices
    * WM-CS-2005-10
      Qi Zhang, Armin Heindl and Evgenia Smirni
      Characterizing the BMAP/MAP/1 Departure Process using Matrix Exponentials
    * WM-CS-2005-11
      Suzanna Schmeelk
      Building an Open Grid Service Proxy
    * WM-CS-2005-12
      Haodong Wang, Bo Sheng, and Qun Li
      TelosB Implementation of Elliptic Curve Cryptography over Primary Field
    * WM-CS-2005-13
      David Coppit
      yagg: Implementation and Evaluation
    * WM-CS-2005-14
      Leonidas Linardakis and Nikos Chrirsochoides
      A Static Medial Axis Domain Decomposition for 2D Geometries
    * WM-CS-2005-15
      George Zagaris and Nikos Chrisochoides
      A Two Dimensional Hybrid Mesh Generation